Builder's Notes - Shadow Base

So many times I would start out with the best looking smooth drywall surface, a lot of light, great flooring material only to throw on a base molding that really took my eye away from the overall picture. I tried using molding that matched the floor, molding that had a smaller profile, even no molding if the flooring worked in that type of scenario. But, never did I have the “yeah, that’s it” moment I wanted.

Then came shadow base.

The architect I worked with for a lot of the spec projects we were doing urged me to use a special metal that holds the drywall off the floor space by 1-1.5” depending on the flooring material height. It allows the drywall to stop and leaves a small gap between wall and floor that actually completes the picture. Shadow base takes away the clumsy wood molding that always cluttered up the floor lines. When painted a darker color like charcoal or deep bronze, the shadow base creates almost a floating wall affect.

That was it. I now install shadow base for all interior wall scenarios, whether it’s drywall, wood siding, or stucco. I have also used shadow base metal for where the wall meets the ceiling. This further produces a floating wall effect and acts as the perfect transition between wall, ceilings, exposed beams, and framing out stucco features.

My clients love the clean look of the shadow base and how this one, small detail really elevates the design of their home.

Image 18.jpg