Summit House, Laguna Beach

Originally designed by award winning architect, Mark Singer AIA, the couple who bought this house wanted to redo the siding and the exterior finishes. Having worked for a while with Mark Singer we received a call from the homeowners who had also reached out to Mark Singer's son, Ryan Singer of Singer Design to help with the front entry and canopy. Somewhat of a bittersweet match since Mark had just passed away - being able to work on an original Singer with his son was a memorable opportunity.

Starting with warm wood siding and a smooth white stucco, we brought this classic, Laguna Beach modern home back to life. New deep bronze windows sharpen the front entry with a dramatic glass and steel canopy entry designed by Ryan Singer. The house is built on a tricky slope, but the entire exterior has been renovated as well as adding a new skylight, deck and entry. The final product reflects the original, modern design while updating the look - gorgeous.

Design collaboration with Ryan Singer @singer_design
 / Photos by VIPhoto Design
 /Built by J. Kramer Corp.

791 Summit 009.jpg