Class Field Trip

We were pleased to have a local college class out for a tour of the Beachitos project to learn more about “green” building ideas. Dennis Bogle, local college professor, brought his students out to see the latest in what pre-fab and modern sustainability looks like in action.

Architect Anders Lasater was on site as well to explain the design process and integrating a pre-fab company like BONE Structure with a custom design. There are so many points to consider when deciding to go pre-fab including city constructs, neighborhood compatibility, material use, and overall adaptation of space and content. Fortunately, the professionals at BONE Structure and Anders Lasater Architects were able to merge their expertise and create a beautifully designed and well articulated modern duplex. The client, very early adopters of high tech and its incredible attributes, are very excited to be the part of the few front runners in the sustainability movement.

Builder Joe Kramer, of J. Kramer Corp., was also on hand to explain the project details and finer points of putting all the pieces together. Students were engaged and had a lot of questions about the building process, how the materials are manufactured, the on-site delivery, pre-drilling and cutting, and how it compares with regular stick construction. Some of the greater benefits of the pre-fab BONE Structure are an efficient thermal envelope, fire prevention, pre-measured materials, and modular design. With Beachitos the client will have all of these plus the added benefit of customized design that not only fits the lot, but allows each room to capture views of the ocean and surrounding scenery from every room.

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