Mission accomplished.

J. Kramer Corp. has expertise in making things happen. 

Tight spaces: Many streets in Laguna Beach are narrow and provide little to no staging space. We have navigated this challenge many times all while keeping the traffic flowing and the neighbors happy.

Heavy construction:  It is not everyday that a builder would need to enlist heavy construction in a home renovation, but sometimes it is necessary. We demo'd a steeple to bring it down to roof height for a converted family residence. We have also built through epic winters with snow as high as 12 feet.

House moving: An older home which was required to be part of the existing new structure was situated too far back on the property. So we moved it up. By 20 feet. After moving the house we were able to reinforce the framing and establish the lower foundation for a second story that tied in with the existing home.

Building under a house: The home in the photo on the left originally sat on dirt where the garage is now located. To achieve the garage build out we literally dug out the space, shored and temporarily supported the existing home and then finished digging out the garage under the house. Many concrete forms and poured in place walls later, we were able to securely remove the temp supports and finish out the garage.